About Me

About Me


Hi, I'm Perla. 

I'm here to connect with people, to tell stories and to be creative. To me, a photograph holds a memory, tells a story, captures beauty and expresses an emotion.

About my style of photographs: My style of work is inspired by light, color and emotion. I love photos that make you feel. Capturing special moments and beauty are important to me because both exist in everything. It's just about slowing down and looking for the sweet spots in between all the chaos that surrounds us.

About my life: I have an amazing partner who supports & motivates me in everything I do. I have two beautiful children; my fierce, fun loving three year old and my heartwarming, passionate little 10 month old. We stay busy with family life. We love boba, ice cream, pizza, and coffee. The latter for the adults because handling little ones is a tough job and leaves us very tired. 

About me: I'm the type of person that loves sharing the details. I love listening to people's stories and I long for meaningful conversations that fill our souls with what we need. I love going to art exhibits, bookstores, community events, dancing, traveling and enjoying a good meal with friends & family. I was born by the ocean but now consider the desert my home.