Yuri Summer

One thing I’ve gotten better at in life is being flexible with what life throws at me. The day I took these photos, I was actually supposed to do a shoot for a couple, but unfortunately they canceled on me. So I called up my cousin-in-law and said, “hey let’s go shoot!” And let me tell you, not only was it fun, but we got to bond in a new way. I think that’s one of my favorite things about shooting, is it’s a way for me to connect with others because they kind of have to be vulnerable in front of me. Plus, I’m a talker and sometimes I like to ask some deep questions to get to know the person better and get them more comfortable. Nothing too intrusive, just things to reflect on. Overall, I just want the person to leave refreshed. I think that’s what happened here and the results, awesome! I mean, just take a look for yourself.