I don't even know where to start this woman. Basically, she is Black Girl Magic. She is traveling the globe, sharing her experience in all things travel, blogger, entrepreneur, marketing, photographer, filmmaking, etc. etc. Her drive and her hustle are invigorating. Not to mention her contagious laughter. She keeps it real and she knows how to celebrate herself and others and there is just so much I and many others love about her. I had the honor of hanging out with her last year and going on a photo fun date. We danced in these open fields in the beautiful January cold which I know she does not miss as she currently enjoys a warm weather all over the world. 

Please, do yourself a favor and go follow her on social media; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat @gl0 , and of course her blog a The Blog won't be dissapointed. You will be inspired to follow your dreams like she did and her countless gorgeous travel photos will leave you thirsty to see more of this world. 

*Did I mention she also wrote an inspiring book? From Excuses to Excursions Go check that out too! There are just some people you have to know about, and she is one of them.