Windy Day with Claudia

I've mentioned this all over my social media, but Claudia is seriously one of my favorite people to go shooting with. It's always for fun and we're always ready to explore. We encourage each otherto be creative and be present. I love it because we both know that there is no expected outcome from this, we're just going to do what we love to do. 

Back in March we were determined to go shoot together and we picked an absolute perfect day. Not only was spring showing up all over the valley, but it was so beautifully windy! favorite thing during a shoot. So much movement to play with and the breeze just feels amazing. 

I shot this with a Rebel t3 and was beyond happy with the results, not typical of me when using a crop sensor (for all my techy friends out there), but that just goes to show that a photo has little to do with the gear you have on hand and A LOT to do with how you use the gear you have. It really challenges you to think and move differently during a shoot. And I just loved the results here! Overall, I'm just so happy to know I can leave a spontaneous shoot this satisfied, especially with someone who is a joy to be around. <3