Art & Yuri

Art is my husband’s cousin so I’ve known him for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until he married this lady that I got to really know him more as we all started to hang out as couples. Art and Yuri have been married by law for a few years now but beginning next year, they will be getting married through the Catholic church. We’ll all get to take part in a special day just to celebrate them. You bet there will be lots of dancing and fun.

I’m so happy for them in their journey as a couple. I know they have gone through lots of ups and downs but I’ve seen how much they’ve grown and how their love for each other has gotten stronger. The more you get to know them, the more you see just how outgoing they are. They’re the type of couple you can go out dancing with, or just chill at their house with on a random day. Just enjoying each other’s company. Art is very friendly and makes everyone feel welcomed and Yuri is very sweet and such a thoughtful person. I’ve grown to love them beyond family by marriage. 

And there’s nothing like having them trust me in photographing them as the couple they are. We had such a great time walking around downtown. Art humored me with poses & movement and Yuri bashfully laughed at how silly he was being. It was great. You get to really catch a glimpse of their love.

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