Edith Summer

There’s nothing like hanging out with someone who’s bold and confident. Edith is one of those people. Like with her I think, “dang why do I overthink things.” I tend to worry about what others may think, but she’s like “why? who cares?” but in a total empowering, self love kind of way. Why be so concerned about others when you can just live life and do what you want to do. She’s someone who truly stands in her greatness and I love her for that. <3 

This was her first time doing a shoot with me and I’m so happy with how these turned out. Gorgeous summer morning in Laveen. Definitely planning for more self-love, self-care shoots with this lady. <3  

Alyssa In the Cornfields

This was such a beautiful day. I had asked my sister in law if she was down to go near the fields for a little shoot with me because I noticed the skies had been gorgeous the last few days and she thankfully took me up on my offer. She dolled herself up and let herself be vulnerable in front of my camera. The results exceeded my expectations. <3 So many thanks to Alyssa for this shoot!


One thing I’ve gotten better at in life is being flexible with what life throws at me. The day I took these photos, I was actually supposed to do a shoot for a couple, but unfortunately they canceled on me. So I called up my cousin-in-law and said, “hey let’s go shoot!” And let me tell you, not only was it fun, but we got to bond in a new way. I think that’s one of my favorite things about shooting, is it’s a way for me to connect with others because they kind of have to be vulnerable in front of me. Plus, I’m a talker and sometimes I like to ask some deep questions to get to know the person better and get them more comfortable. Nothing too intrusive, just things to reflect on. Overall, I just want the person to leave refreshed. I think that’s what happened here and the results, awesome! I mean, just take a look for yourself. 


Thania is someone I always feel excited to hang out with. We meet up to talk about our creative projects & aspirations, to help each other out creatively and also just to go out and explore together. She is such a driven person and that drive and commitment to her creative work inspires me all the time. On top of that, she is such a sweet person, so welcoming, genuinely interested in others, always looking out for her friends and is so kind to Mother Earth, always finding neat new ways to be greener in life. Last summer we ventured off to the west valley to feel a beautiful breeze as well as the hot sun burning our skin and the sweat creeping in. haha. She totally rocked this shoot with so much confidence, beauty and grace! 

Thanks for always being willing to explore & try new things with me Thania! <3


Zarina is one super cool mujer! She is so intelligent and beautiful and is not afraid to speak up. She’s a leader and has so much compassion for the world. I still remember when I first met her in college. She always came in looking amazing and was so ready to shut anyone down with their ignorant remarks in our justice studies classes. I admired how outspoken she was and just hoped for an ounce of that confidence. She is incredibly sweet and we fortunately got to bond through our classes. She is currently working on getting her Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship and you know she is killing it! 

Meski & Keon

I always feel so moved by every wedding I get to photograph, and this was definitely a memorable one for me. Perhaps it’s because Meski & Keon are a couple I could totally relate to in many ways and completely admire in others. They are two extremely kind souls, college educated (both Doctors), are justice oriented people who enjoy dancing, traveling, going to brunch together and listening to jazz. They surround themselves with friends who share the same values as they do and they are very proud of who they are and where they come from. They are two very conscious and intentional people and so much of their wedding showed that. From incorporating their Ethiopian & Eritrean cultures into their wedding, to breaking gender norms by giving the groom a new name rather than the bride, an Ethiopian tradition, this beautiful couple was very purposeful on their wedding day. It truly felt like an honor to be in the presence of so much love and interconnectedness. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed being there.

Fernanda & Nahun

There is something magical about that engagement phase in a couple’s life. It’s the time when things start to get real. You share the news with your loved ones, and you start planning the next steps for your wedding and your life ahead of you. It can be a difficult time to be quite honest, with so many changes and challenges, but it is one full of hope and love. 

I had such a great time hanging out Fernanda & Nahun at Scottsdale Civic Space. Fernanda had shared their love story with me prior to the shoot and I learned just how much she loves Nahun. She’s willing to make sacrifices for their love knowing full well God is on her side. On the day of the shoot, I got to see how much Nahun loves Fernanda. He was just so into her. So sweet and loving. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. 

Reyes Vohra Family

The Reyes Vohra family was so sweet to photograph. Nothing like girl power with a loving father and husband to support that “shakti,” as he said. This beautiful family is one who fully embraces the merging of their Mexican and Indian cultures. Not only did I get to know a little bit of who they are, but I got to admire Ruben and Ayesha’s gentle & nurturing guidance with their daughters even when the girls wanted to do their own thing, like running off or being fierce in front of the camera they did not ask for. And I loved it because I have a daughter of my own and I know what it’s like to bring someone she doesn’t know around us. No matter what, children are so honest and confident in their emotions. I don’t discourage that at all. They should be able to state their needs and have their boundaries around people they don’t know. Luckily, I was able to take my time and earn my trust and by the end of the shoot we had them laughing. This was one of those shoots that reminded me of why I love to photograph families. It’s not about perfection, it’s about being real and in the moment. 

A Windy Day with Claudia

I’ve mentioned this all over my social media, but Claudia is seriously one of my favorite people to go shooting with. It’s always for fun and we’re always ready to explore. We encourage each other to be creative and be present. I love it because we both know that there is no expected outcome from this, we’re just going to do what we love to do. 

Back in March we were determined to go shoot together and we picked an absolute perfect day. Not only was spring showing up all over the valley, but it was so beautifully windy! Aaaahh…my favorite thing during a shoot. So much movement to play with and the breeze just feels amazing. 

I shot this with a Rebel t3 and was beyond happy with the results, not typical of me when using a crop sensor (for all my techy friends out there), but that just goes to show that a photo has little to do with the gear you have on hand and A LOT to do with how you use the gear you have. It really challenges you to think and move differently during a shoot. And I just loved the results here! Overall, I’m just so happy to know I can leave a spontaneous shoot this satisfied, especially with someone who is a joy to be around. <3 

Yuri & Art

Art is my husband’s cousin so I’ve known him for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until he married this lady that I got to really know him more as we all started to hang out as couples. Art and Yuri have been married by law for a few years now but beginning next year, they will be getting married through the Catholic church. We’ll all get to take part in a special day just to celebrate them. You bet there will be lots of dancing and fun.

I’m so happy for them in their journey as a couple. I know they have gone through lots of ups and downs but I’ve seen how much they’ve grown and how their love for each other has gotten stronger. The more you get to know them, the more you see just how outgoing they are. They’re the type of couple you can go out dancing with, or just chill at their house with on a random day. Just enjoying each other’s company. Art is very friendly and makes everyone feel welcomed and Yuri is very sweet and such a thoughtful person. I’ve grown to love them beyond family by marriage. 

And there’s nothing like having them trust me in photographing them as the couple they are. We had such a great time walking around downtown. Art humored me with poses & movement and Yuri bashfully laughed at how silly he was being. It was great. You get to really catch a glimpse of their love.

Can’t wait for your big day! <3

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